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On the banks of the magnificent River Nile, very long time ago, old Egyptian farmers mastered agriculture and the related “early seed industry”. Starting in 1996 we in Fine Seeds have been hard at work to achieve “Better Agriculture for Egypt”. The purpose of our company is the breeding of Corn varieties and Sorghum and the marketing of sugarbeet seeds, vegetable seeds, pesticides and fertilizers as well as the export of vegetable hybrid seeds on contract growing basis.

Fine Seeds Activities

Breeding and production of field crops hybrid seeds

The main breeding and production effort is geared towards hybrid corn. Both white and yellow corn hybrids are developed where the farmers are offered well adapted single and three way crosses suitable for Egypt’s subtropical climate.

Production of Brasica hybrid seeds

The company has since inception started multiplication of various Brasica hybrid seeds on contract growing basis. This unique activity for the benefit of multinationals utilizes well the company’s expertise and Egypt’s ideal and irrigated climate.

Marketing and sales of vegetable seeds

The company imports vegetable crops from a number of multinational brands such as Volo Agri Group, Bejo Zaden – Netherland, and the multi national company Seminis, where the varieties are registered, and well tried on own trial station and many climatic regions and nurseries in Egypt prior to sales of these high quality seeds through a network of distributors and nurseries.

Marketing and sales of sugar beet seeds

The company imports multi and mono germ seeds from the world leading German company KWS and thus offers the best suited varieties that higher in productivity and sugar content with disease resistance. In addition to offering valuable technical assistance support.

Marketing and sales of pesticides and fertilizers

The company imports herbicides from Monsanto and pesticides and fertilizers from Sipcam Spain for commercialization in the Egyptian market.

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