Who We Are

On the banks of the magnificent River Nile, a very long time ago, old Egyptian farmers mastered agriculture and the related "early seed industry". Starting in 1996 we in Find Seeds have been hard at work to achieve "Better Agriculture for Egypt".

Why We Exist

To be the most reliable provider of the highest yielding top quality agricultural products and services necessary for better agriculture in Egypt.

What We Do

We serve the farmers by providing them with the highest yielding and the best quality agricultural products and services, necessary to improve their livelihood, and consecutively rise above all challenges of food and feed in Egypt.

Our Promise

We Promise to serve our customers with the same fairness and integrity which we withhold within our company.


The company is a private and closed shareholders company established in accordance with the Egyptian minister of economics decree number 305 on May 6th 1996


Breeding and producing field crops hybrid seeds including yellow and white corn, sorghum, and importing sugar beet seeds, vegetable seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, and exporting hybrid vegetable seeds.


Capital is 50 million Egyptian pounds with pain up capital 10.37 million pounds distributed equally amongst 10,370 shares.