Micene Triple 49.2% WP

Micene triple 49,2% WP

Reg. No. 2139
This fungicide product specifies by containing 3 active ingredients ( Mancozeb 40% + benalaxyl 6% + Cymoxanil 3,2% ) belong to different mode of action, which prevent the resistance to it.
Micene triple : is a systemic, contact, penetrating fungicide that employs preventive, shock and curative action.
Micene triple: protect against fungal attacks. Apply to protect ( before fungus has penetrated the plant ), or also as curative at the beginning of disease to control many diseases on multi vegetables and fruits crops as Downy Mildew, Early / late Blight , Leaf Spot.
Rate of application: 250 gm / 100 L water for Grapes, Tomato, Potatoes, Melon, Watermelon, etc…