Corn Breeding

Since inception, the company realized that in order to put its slogan "for better agriculture in Egypt" into effect it must undertake a serious breeding effort which has commanded a consistent 15% of company profit and which has resulted in superior hybrids in terms of yield and tolerance to environmental conditions. Once the breeders developed successful hybrids, their parent lines are maintained and produced and the resultant F1 hybrid multiplied in accordance with standards of physical and genetic purity. The harvest is processed in the company's seed plant which is some 90 KM north of Cairo. The seed plant is well equipped to process and store some 7,000 tons of hybrid seeds.

Vegetable Seed Contract Growing

Egypt with its irrigated land in a desert subtropical environment is an ideal location for certain vegetable seed hybrids production. The company has pioneered this activity and is now a reliable contract grower to some of the biggest vegetable seed multinationals. Besides its deep involvement with corn development and vegetable seed contract growing, the company worked towards more diversification and has thus added the following activities

Vegetable Seeds

Most suited vegetable varieties are evaluated in the company's trial station and registered with the authorities prior to importing and marketing to a network of traders, nurseries and farms.

Sugar Beet Seeds

The company imports the most valued sugar beet seeds from the world number one breeder KWS of Germany. Multi Germ and Mono Germ varieties are offered to public and private sugar factories and offers training and educational services to farmers and engineers in this important field.

Pesticides and Fertilizers

The company is focusing on importing the safest and most effective pesticides and the most novel fertilizers for application in Egypt for distribution through its fully synergized net worth.